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The 2023 season is the inaugural season and as such will only feature 3 events, subsequent seasons will start in August and run until the second weekend in July the following year.

** Although Race for the Rail has been moved to September this will have no impact on our season as it is too close to the WOW event for that to be a qualifier. **

European Onewheel League Point 2023 Rankings

June 10 -11 2023

Sportzentrum Prau La Selva, Flims, Switzerland

Hosted by Swiss Onewheel Club

Swiss Onewheel Race

May 26 - 28 2023

Gattinara, Italy

Hosted by FloatItalia

Gattinara Wine and Trails

Float The Highlands 2023

June 23 - 25 2023

Glencoe Mountain Resort, Scotland

Hosted by UK Float Events

Qualifying Events

Points Totals

The top 3 results of highest point value for each rider will count towards their rankings.  If they do not attend 3 races, all their results will count.


Points will be awarded to the top 50 men and top 30 women at each race.

If there is a tie in points , we will look at a 4th result from those racers.  If both racers do not have a 4th result, then the mean place will be calculated for their 4th result.

Race for the Rail Qualification

The highest ranking male and female rider from the season will qualify for Onewheel Racing League’s “Race for the Rail” final in the USA.  The qualifying riders will be seeded by ORL in the middle: position 12 for male and position 7 for female.  Only rider’s aged 14 or over will be able to qualify.


Rider’s attending RFTR must race there on a Onewheel GT.


Future Motion will offer the 2 qualifying riders $1,200 each as a prize fund and provide board shipping to and from the USA.  If they do not wish to ship their own boards they will be provided free of charge with a board to race on, this can also be purchased post race at a major discount and will be shipped back to their home country for free.

Other ranking info

Each event may have slight variations in racer categories relating to age and board types.  League rankings will have 3 categories, Male, Female and Groms.  For 2023 racer’s can compete on any Onewheel board type, board types will not be ranked separately for league points purposes.

2023 Breakdown of Points

European Onewheel League
Rules and Regulations

Rules for Event Organisers

For your event to qualify as part of the European Onewheel League you must:


  • Have male, female and groms categories as a minimum provided you have at least 8 riders in each category.

  • Provide a race format that has time-trial qualifiers leading to a final encompassing multiple riders on course with direct elimination between races.

  • Ensure riders must be on their board when crossing the finish line.

  • Ensure you have a rule enforcing no physical contact.

  • Ensure racers wear a helmet and wrist protection as a minimum.

  • Record your qualifying times with an electronic timing system (stop watches or similar are not sufficient).​

Rules for Competitors

  • All racers must be able to control their board at all times and ride safely.  This includes starting, stopping, standing still, and dismounting.  The event organiser or EOL Official has the authority to disqualify a rider who they decide cannot safely control their board.

  • No “off board” controllers or devices (e.g. remote tilt controller) will be allowed in EOL sanctioned races, any rider found using one of these devices will be disqualified.

  • During qualifications by time trials, any rider has the right to overtake other riders by saying "On your left" or "On your righ". In this situation the rider in front shall let the other overtake by their called path. During the bracket stage no rider shall ask for permission to overtake.

  • All racers must wear a properly secured helmet.

  • Wrist guards must be worn at all times whilst racing.

  • Racer’s must be on their board when crossing the finish line.

  • All racers must sign any waiver required by the race organiser/venue.

  • Participants must adhere to the EOL Code of Conduct.

  • Participants are chiefly responsible for their wellbeing and safety.

Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in disqualification, suspension or ban from EOL events.

Code of Conduct

Event participants agree to abide by the following:

  • Display high standards of behaviour that promote a positive image for our sport.

  • Strive to maintain a sense of self-control and dignity at all times.

  • Encourage others to participate and learn.

  • Take responsibility for my own ability and make educated choices about when, where, and how to participate. Obtain the proper training and continue to improve skills where needed.

  • Compete fairly and with respect for fellow athletes, officials, venues and equipment. Honour event rules and participate in the spirit of the competition. Be gracious in victory and defeat.

  • Cooperate with medical professionals and respect their assessment of my ability to continue competing or training.

  • Refrain from violence, offensive language and insults, harassment, and public criticism of fellow athletes, officials or volunteers (especially when addressing the media), and discourage others from the same.

  • In the event of a conflict, defuse the situation if it is appropriate to do so, and/or notify an organiser to help achieve a peaceful resolution.

Event Organiser’s agree to abide by the following:

  • Treat all riders, vendors, volunteers and spectators fairly within the context of their activity, regardless of gender, place of origin, colour, sex, religion, political belief or economic status. In competitions, I will retain judges and announcers who exhibit these same qualities and who bring appropriate knowledge/expertise to the judges panel.

  • Make sure equipment and facilities are safe and match the athlete’s ages and abilities. In the case of minors, communicate and cooperate with the athlete’s parents or legal guardians, involving them in management decisions pertaining to their child’s participation.

  • Invest in participants’ safety by retaining an appropriate contingent of first responders and/or medical professionals in case of crash or injury. If an incident occurs, I will ensure that the participant does not continue competing or training until they’ve been assessed by medical staff, and will defer to the expertise of said staff if they advise the rider should not continue to participate.

  • Inform attendees about expected standards of behaviour to maintain positive relations with host venues and communities, and enforce/reiterate these standards if any issues arise during the event.

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